Educational Programs and Training on Privacy and Data Protection

Privacy and data protection still sound too abstract to many people. “Free”, “easy”, “personalized”, etc. is very attractive in our daily lives and we have easily got used to it while something huge is happening on the background and threatening our rights and freedoms, democracies and free markets. This is how it comes out of the blue to all of us and we seem to start understanding that it is not “some kind of paperwork”.

It is not without a reason that one of the main tasks of the DPO is to raise awareness around privacy and data protection within the company. No one is good at doing something they don’t understand and very often the standard approach to communicate the subject as “complicated”, “a set of rules” or “The law”, “this is what you must”, etc. is not getting actual results or even could get a serious push back from the audience. But it is about their rights and freedoms, it is about their democracy and their comfort and jobs created by the free market and we know how to tell this side of the story, make it personal and convince them of it’s importance in their personal and professional capacity.

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