Data Protection Officer as a Service – DPOaaS

The role of the Data Protection Officer – DPO is very complex as being a crossing point for various domains, some of which being human rights, law, technology and business. It requires very specific skill set and mindset to properly be executed. In addition it requires also a set of personal skills like the ability to easily learn new things in a dynamic environment, to analyze a certain details from various perspectives and be able to communicate with a variety of people with different background and culture to efficiently extract certain information relevant to their scope of expertise, but also to privacy and data protection. It is also industry specific – it wouldn’t be that easy for a DPO with experience in FMCG to move to Healthcare, for example, as the context is completely different. Hiring the right expert is for this reason could be a very complicated challenge.

Are we successful in finding such unicorns? – No, we are not! We haven’t even tried.

We believe in integrated teams and expert networks working together and providing all necessary knowledge at one shared collective mind, not a certain person.

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