We do privacy and data protection. We like it, we believe in its value and it’s not just for living. This means passion and going the extra mile. We think this way and know much about it, we have our interest alive and are always hungry for more, so learning every day and most importantly: we have the sensitivity.

Of course, there are lots of practical aspects and we know them as anything practical comes out of and represents a particular idea and some kind of thoughts-chain, it has it’s reasoning behind. If you look at privacy and data protection this way, all required paperwork gets into place in terms of sense and it is a game we love to play.

Let us show you the logical side of these topics that are known to sound pretty abstract to many in the beginning. We could help you get into all popular terms like “gap analysis”, “privacy notice”; “privacy policy” (yep, those are different things and are definitely not something you “consent” to) etc.

Do not hesitate to ask us anything related to this or other services we offer, as we would gladly answer you and will not be further disturbing you with marketing materials due to our Privacy Policy.