Privacy Incidents and Data Breach Management

Do you think sending an e-mail message to a wrong recipient or realizing that after the last update of a system you are getting access to files and folders that you are not supposed to constitutes a data breach? Do you think that you need to report such thing to anyone or that the 72- hour clock might be ticking for you to decide if you notify or not the data protection authority and probably the people concerned? No?

Then check the definition and think again.

It is not always necessarily this guy to pay you a visit for you to get a breach confidentiality, integrity or availability of personal data. “Security” does not necessarily mean a compromised technical solution – it is just one of the measures to protect the personal data you are processing. We know how to handle such issues and could help you to build in data protection into your breach response management program and you could also contact us to step-in if you suspect that you might be already experiencing a data breach.

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