Privacy and Data Protection Audits and Assessments

Outsourcing chains are known mainly for two things: that you outsource and that you outsource – work to be done and responsibility to be held. Isn’t it right? – whoever has to do the job should be responsible on how they do it. What about letting your child to a stranger? – it’s on him/her, right? Or maybe not.

You would normally make a research of this person’s background, ask for recommendations, ask to meet in person at least once and maybe to have someone else from the family next to you when you have to decide to share insights, you would need to get some proof that this person is really appropriate for babysitting your child. Why? Because it is your priority and it is not about who would be blamed if anything bad happens, but your absolute interest is that nothing bad happens.

It works the same way with privacy and data protection – you would be either a Controller or a Processor or both depending on your business model and industry. But if doing the right thing is your priority – you would want to do all the checks to ensure you give the data into the right hands. If you are most often on the Processor side – even more is of your interest to be able to convince your clients that you are the right choice and remain competitive. We know how to help in both cases so that you do not be kept away from your standard operations dealing with prolonged never-ending audits.

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